Jobcentre Plus Helpline

Information About Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is part of the Work and Pensions department of the United Kingdom that helps give support to the working-age people in the area. Jobcentre Plus reports directly to the Minister of State for employment and is headquartered in Leeds. The Jobcentre was formed in 2002 and came about thanks to a vision that originally came from the combined minds of Winston Churchill himself, the president of the Board of Trade, and William Beveridge who knew the labor system well. The Jobcentre Plus only lasted for nine years as the executive agency was dissolved in 2011.

Jobcentre Plus’ Role

When Jobcentre Plus was an active executive agency between the years of 2002 and 2011, their functions came directly from the Department of Work and Pensions. When active, the agency used its services to help people who were trying to find employment and to those who needed financial assistance due to their lack of employment. The allowance they gave to people who were actively looking for a job was to help with the cost of living, and any expenditures that came as a result of looking for employment. They also gave a person social security benefits that they needed as a result of not having an income thanks to an illness that made it impossible to work. The agency worked on the government’s behalf to help with the community‚Äôs welfare.

How it Helped With Job Searches

The organization did far more than simply hand out benefits and pensions to people in need that were looking for work or physically unable to work. Jobcentre Plus helped people get back onto their feet by posting job listings on their website. They did this by utilizing a program called the Labor Market system or LMS. LMS made it easy for job seekers to go on the website and search for vacancies that fit what they had experience in, and it remained easy and convenient for employers to use to upload their vacant positions in real time.

How Benefit Claims Are Processed

Before the agency closed its doors, Jobcentre Plus had used a great system that made filing benefit claims easy. All the applicant had to do was call the call center that Jobcentre Plus had set up, and the claims were taken directly over the phone. This allowed for the claims to be put int in real time by an agent that knew what they were doing. The applicant would then be sent the details of their interview via text message- the applicant then had all the information they needed to show up and talk about their issues, what they needed, and how they could move forward with a Jobcentre Plus advisor. They would be able to finalize their claim and move forward with the benefits. When the claims were processed this way, it was fast and easy and could all be done at during the years that it was an executive agency, Jobcentre Plus helped many people find jobs, and took care of them while they searched!