Income Support Helpline

The Income Support Department is a dedicated service of the United Kingdom that focuses entirely on providing support for citizens who make a low income. Those who apply and are accepted into the program are given relief funds every month that helps them cover necessities. There are strict application guidelines you must follow in order to get the Income Support and the application process is equally as strict and rigorous.

In order to be eligible to apply for the program, the citizen of the United Kingdom must either receive the severe disability premium currently or were on severe disability premium within the last month but are still eligible to get back on it if you did apply. If you do not qualify to apply for the Income Support, there are still other options! You can qualify for Universal Credit instead.

To be eligible to receive Income Support after you apply you must also meet all of these requirements: You have no or very low income, you work less than 16 hours per week and your partner (if you have one) works less than 24 hours per week, You have applied for or know that you are not eligible to receive benefits from the Jobseeker’s Allowance program or Employment and Support Allowance. You must also live within the designated areas that the program provides relief.

To qualify for Income Support you must also be within the right age limits. Those below the age of 16 are considered too young to apply, and the pension qualifying age which you can find for your area by contacting the UK Income Support Helpline phone. Aside from the age requirements, you must also have one or more of the following qualifications: you must be pregnant or on maternity or paternity leave, a single parents with a child that is age five or under, a single parents of a foster child that is the age of 16 or younger, a carer, you must be unable to work and you receive benefits from Incapacity Benefit, Sick Pay Services, or Severe Disablement Allowance. If you are between the ages of 16 and 20 and you are a parent, you are eligible to receive benefits if you are receiving a full-time education and not from a university.

If you are approved for Income Supplement you will receive a personal allowance every month, and something called a premium which is any extra payments. How much you receive on a monthly basis is determined by how much income you make and how much you have set aside in your own savings account. You may also receive a higher amount if you take care of one or more child.UK Income Support helpline phone

The premiums, or extra allowance that you are eligible to receive, is based on what circumstances you have for example, if you are disabled or have a partner that is a pensioner you are eligible for premiums.

There is, of course, a cap to how much you receive in benefits and your monthly allowance is typically paid out every two weeks.