Child Tax Credit Helpline

A child tax credit is solemnly given to taxpayers for every individual dependent child that qualifies. The child must be under the age of 17 years. The child tax credit is always awarded at the end of the tax year. The tax law was passed back in 2017 December. The legislation doubled the credit for child support to be around $2,000 per child. There before, the credit was $1,000 which was a nonrefundable credit.

Diving deep into the matter, Child Tax Credit has experienced a different transformation. Most people have replaced the credit by Universal Credit. According to the legislation passed, you are allowed to make a new Child Tax Credit for a child if you receive a disability premium or if you had it in past months or if you are still eligible for it.

If your kid is aged 16 years, you are permitted to claim up till 31st of August when they celebrate their 16th birthday. If you are not in a position to claim for a new Child Tax Credit, you are still capable of applying for pension credit if you still meet the required age for applying for pension credit. Additionally, you can apply for a Universal Credit if your age meets that of a working person.

The credit that you will receive will depend on the number of children that you have. Also, it will depend on if you are making a new, different claim for Child Tax Credit or if you are already requesting for Child Tax Credit.

Your Child Tax Credit will not at any point affect the benefits of your children. The law expects that you can only claim a Child Tax Credit for the kids that you are parenting. You are eligible for a child’s responsibility if:

  • The kid lives with you all the time.
  • If typically, you are the carer of the children.
  • If they keep their clothes and playing toys in your residence.
  • If you cater to their meals and offer them pocket money.
  • If they live in another country, but they depend on you financially.

There is a Child Tax Credit helpline phone that you can call anytime in case you find yourself in a dilemma of whether you are responsible for a particular kid. In case you share responsibility for a child, and you can’t settle on who should claim the credit, you can as well both apply. HMRC will later decide for you.

If you have fostered or adopted a kid, you can also claim for a fostered or adopted credit if at all you don’t receive any support money from your local council. If at all you receive support money don’t hesitate, you can contact HRMC and confirm if you can still claim the credit.

If you have a responsibility of looking after a disabled child, there are chances of receiving extra Child Tax Credits if either your kid receives personal independence payment, disability living allowance or Armed forces independence payment. Additionally, you can get extra support if your kid is fully certified to be blind or in the past was blind for around 28 weeks of your initial tax credit claim.