Child Maintenance Service Helpline

This service covers monetary support to help you pay for a child’s acre in cases where you’ve divorced or otherwise separated from the other parent or caregiver. The absolute best way to handle this is called a “family-based arrangement” which means that both parents agree with child maintenance together.

The issue occurs when the parents can’t come to an arrangement. If they could, then the government wouldn’t have to be involved and everything would be sorted by those responsible for the child. The purpose of the Child Maintenance Service is to arrange for situations where separated parents can’t agree on what to do. The service serves as an arbiter and an aid for disagreements.

It’s worth noting that in these situations you may be required to pay an application fee. The fees could extend to each payment made as well. These are called “collection fees.” This makes it so that the parents who give birth to a child are responsible for aiding in the child’s support and raising one way or another.

The instructions for using this service start with getting help on locating the other parent if you’ve lost track of where they are living, or even if they are attempting to hide from you or others. This is often a good first step, because it’s possible that they would be willing to do private child maintenance without involving the government if you could only locate them.

This is also the place to go if you and the other parent of your child don’t agree about whether they even are the other parent or not. The service can help provide tests and other evidence to demonstrate whether someone else is in fact the father or mother of your child or not. The Child Maintenance Service will also help you reach an agreement with the other parent on how the payments for supporting your child should work, based on who is doing what in the relationship.

The way this tends to work is that the parent who is not currently having the child live with them in their house will send payments to the one who is. The service can review any changes in situation that may require the payments to be changed either up or down. They will also make yearly reviews about how everything is going.

Additionally, if the parent who is supposed to be paying isn’t actually doing this, then the service can help make arrangements to force the other parent to comply with the maintenance agreement, or else force them to set up a maintenance agreement if they are attempting to get away with not doing it in the first place. For single parents, this service can be of great value to making sure that children don’t grow up hungry or without all of their material needs being met.

There are special places you can go online to receive more information about the service, including this one: